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Services We Offer

Job Readiness/Preparedness

We will work with clients one-on-one to equip them to compete in the current job market and improve their employability through training and education.  The Trellis HR Group has a wide range of job readiness tools and resources that will help in the development of skills for resume building, job coaching and job search preparedness. Learn More……

New Hire Onboarding

Because first impressions are lasting, why not put your best foot forward at the start? As an employer, you have one chance to make a strong positive impression with your new hires and that happens during the on-boarding process.  Onboarding extends far beyond paperwork completion and learning company norms.  It should also ensure that the new hire feels they are an important and valuable member of your team.  Having an effective onboarding program provides the best opportunity for the new hire to gain a better understanding of your company’s mission, vision and culture. Learn More…….

Policy Handbook Creation/Revision

Are your policies and handbook in need of a refresh? If you answered yes, let us help you reduce the litigation risk that exists when flawed, obsolete or non-existent written company policies and procedures are in place.  Risk can best be managed through the design and implementation of sound policies and procedures.

Strategic HR Consulting

We can create talent review and succession planning processes to aide in identifying your high potential talent and successors.   Personalized toolkits, resources and education sessions will be developed for Leaders to understand critical talent, talent risks/gaps and build action plans and monitor development progress.

Performance Management

Let us help you set the stage for exceptional performance.  In today’s world, performance management is about enabling and encouraging your employees to be the best they can be by providing the right tools for the job along with effective and timely communication and direction.  We will partner with you to develop a customized performance management process that meets your organization’s needs, while focusing on the specific skills and competencies that matter most in the world of work. Learn More…….

Staffing and Recruitment

Identifying and attracting top quality talent is always a primary concern for businesses. We take the time to establish solid partnerships with our clients to better understand their corporate culture and business needs. This affords us the ability to provide successful matches through a meticulous selection or assessment process. Learn More…….

Training and Development

The Trellis HR Group comes with a wealth of corporate experience that is diverse and broad.  We will map your existing processes, assess gaps and ultimately provide solutions to bridge the gaps.  We provide both individual and group training on a wide variety of topics that will ultimately create and foster a healthy, inclusive and professional working environment. Learn More…….

Manager Coaching and Guidance

It is inevitable that at some point and time your people leaders will be unsure of their best course of action. “What should I do when my direct report shows up late?  I’ve repeatedly spoken with them about this and am not sure how to handle it.” We know that better Leaders lead better business.  The Trellis HR Group will provide you with management coaching and guidance to effectively handle the simplest issues to the most complex.  As we work closely with your management team, we’ll provide guidance through the nuances of specific performance situations with the appropriate actions needed to achieve the most positive outcomes. Learn More…….

Employee Surveys

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.  Your employees are your greatest asset, so it’s important to understand what matters to them and use that feedback to make effective decisions, and engage them in your organization’s journey.  Incorporating comprehensive, insightful questions will help you determine what’s holding your company back.  Having an understanding of those challenges will allow you to make the changes that will have the greatest impact on your organizational performance.